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I began massage therapy with Margo in April of 2018. I was experiencing chronic neck, shoulder, & hip pain. Because she is a former physical therapist, Margo has a much more comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This is one of the things that sets her apart from other licensed massage therapists. She knows the muscle groups, tendons, and joints, and how they all can come to a place to create pain and discomfort in daily life. Through massage, Margo knows to manipulate these areas to create healing and wellness. Although I now consider her a friend, Margo never loses her strong sense of professionalism. She is vigilant about her practice and keeping every aspect organized, clean, sanitized, and safe for clients and herself.   It  is  also a thoughtfully  decorated
and peaceful space with many details specifically to help clients relax and enjoy the massage experience. Margo treats many people with complex medical, physical, and emotional diagnoses. Apart from the education and years of experience Margo has, she is also intuitive and is able to use reiki to help in the body’s healing. Since becoming her client, I get neck tightness from stress or too much time on a computer. But the pain I was experiencing in 2018 is now gone. She is the only professional I would recommend for anyone needing to get back to feeling well, and have decreased pain in daily life. Margo is the best of the best, hands down!

Jane Tilleman

I have been seeing Margo for several years now.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I also contracted Lyme Disease.  As I was in chronic pain for a very long time and could not find any relief through medications or herbal supplements, I decided to try massage therapy for pain management.  This was a last resort for me and I really wasn't convinced that it was going to help.  But after about a month of massage therapy, I started to find relief.  I see Margo every 2 weeks for one hour sessions and I can honestly say my pain is now very manageable. Margo has a beautiful and very relaxing atmosphere at her office.  She is very patient and works with me for exactly what I need whether it just be a light massage or energy work if my pain is bad or, deep tissue or bamboo massage for an even deeper treatment when I can tolerate more.  I am now convinced massage therapy works and that this will be a continued way of life for me.

Rebecca Muggeo

"After several back and shoulder surgeries, Margo's healing hands have been instrumental in both my rehabilitation and the quality of my life."

Bill Hessberger

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